Wide range of activities in Kalajoki

Kalajoki is not only miles long sandy beaches; it is so much more. Try cycling on frozen sea, join an adventurous ice paddling excursion among floating ice,  enjoy smoke sauna in the hidden gem of Linnakallio or visit the unique fishing village in Maakalla island.

Arctic ice paddling in the Bay of Bothnia

Organized together with top-professional paddling guides of Lappis and safety vessel DMS Matilda, we present to you Ice paddling in the arctic Bay of Bothnia!

Join us on a unique ice paddling adventure in the Bay of Bothnia, on the shores of Kalajoki. Experience the arctic spring sea, taste the salty water on your lips, feel a connection with the sea when paddling amongst the floating ice. You might even see a seal enjoying spring sun amongst the ice. All this will be done under the supervision of skilled and experienced paddling guides as well as a safety vessel DMS Matilda, securing the paddling excursion out on the arctic sea.

Our goal is to find the best possible conditions for ice paddling, even if this means a longer boat ride out to the sea. The arctic sea in the Bay of Bothnia and the weather conditions are always unpredictible. The piles of ice float around. If the nature is on our side, we will find suitable paddling conditions easily, but we will also prepare ourselves in travelling a bit further on DMS Matilda and go paddling from the safety vessel. If weather conditions are suitable, we will also visit Maakalla island, 18 km from the mainland Kalajoki, and meet the hospitality of the islanders. The history and arctic nature make this little island unique and well worth visiting.

Our base on the mainland is Leppikarvo cottage in the heart of the Rahja archipelago and home port is Konikarvo. Our adventure is secured by DMS Matilda, a boat registered for 10 persons. Matilda works as a safety vessel during paddling and ensures a comfortable stay out on the sea when needed, due to a warm cabin and a toilet.

During our adventurous excursion in Kalajoki, the accommodation has been organized in new, well-equipped apartments in the heart of the holiday area. The distance from the holiday area to our paddling base Leppikarvo is approximately 8 km (10 minutes by car).

All the meals mentioned in the program have been planned with our catering service with local ingredients and flavours in mind.

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